Our Mission

To empower African and Caribbean entrepreneurs through the provision of technical knowledge, skills and capacity development.

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Our Vision

Our vision is to become the market leader in developing and delivering expertise that serves the African and Caribbean business community in the UK.

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Brand Values

ACCCE UK brand values stem from our strong belief that minority communities are natural entrepreneurs who hold the power to

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Young Enterprising Leaders Programme (Y.E.L.P)

YELP is an innovative youth empowerment project designed by ACCCE and the young people we work with. The project has 6 stages that ENGAGE them – Entice, Nudge, Goalsetting, Accomplish, Go, Employ. We Entice young people onto the programme through a range of cool taster activities designed to stimulate interest in taking part in in the full programme. The next stage of the programme gives young people   Read More

THE African Brands Award (T.A.B.A)

What is The African Brands Award?
A global marketing campaign to raise the profile of emerging dynamism of the African business community. TABA will play a crucial role in identifying, promoting and rewarding those African companies that are in the position to showcase the best of Africa and emerge as global brands. Read More