Young Enterprising Leaders Programme


Young Enterprising Leaders Programme (Y.E.L.P)

YELP is an innovative youth empowerment project designed by ACCCE and the young people we work with. The project has 6 stages that ENGAGE them – Entice, Nudge, Goalsetting Accomplish, Go, Employ. We Entice young people onto the programme through a range of cool taster activities designed to stimulate interest in taking part in in the full programme. The next stage of the programme gives young people a Nudge in a new direction via a weekend-away, packed with enjoyable thought-provoking activities including team-building, stimulating competitive challenges and motivational speakers. Next YELP will support participants’ Goalsetting through a series of coaching workshops designed to help participants clarify their life goals. The Accomplish stage gives participants an opportunity to try out new business ventures and learn new skills. This part of the programme is complemented by our SFEDI accredited training programme. The Go phase consists of dynamic mentoring support geared towards motivating young people to realizing their aspirations. The Enterprise stage of the programme provides intensive advice support to set participants on a path to self-employment or to securing a job.